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2009-07-26 17:18:32 by Eclipsxcom

So I don't exactly know what I was planning to do in Photoshop today, but I came up with this...
Maybe he'll be a character in something I can work around... who knows?

Oh, right. I'm going to start my final Yoshi Quiz sooner or later.
If you would like to take a part, see this thread: 81710

If you think you could help me out with something, see this one: 82789


Oh yeah... here's that picture.


Drawing Tablet

2009-07-25 22:07:47 by Eclipsxcom

I got a drawing tablet today!

Now all I need is drawing lessons!

The Yoshi Quiz 3 Now on AG

2007-09-27 15:07:13 by Eclipsxcom

For a time, The Yoshi Quiz 3 will be a featured game on Addicting Games. That's an accomplishment for me. Addicting Games is a well known site, so having my game featured there really gives my quizzes a good kick in the face. At least I think that's the expression.

The Yoshi Quiz 3 Now on AG

Mixed Feelings Report

2007-09-23 17:07:34 by Eclipsxcom

This is surreal.

Apparently, my game "The Yoshi Quiz 3" has been spread from NG and across the internet to various gaming sites. Sites like "Moo arcade", "Free games bliss", "Arcade Bliss", "Games for Work", "Arcade Impact" and so on. Now, that doesn't bother me. What REALLY bothers me is that only ONE site out of all of those has actually credited me for my work. I'm feeling mixed feelings about this.

On one hand, I'm kind of happy that people liked my game so much that they feel like stealing it and hosting it on other sites. But I'm also angry by the fact that people like my game so much that they feel like stealing it and hosting it on other sites.

This is a warning for anyone on Newgrounds who doesn't put their "NG Preloader" in their works. I didn't. Whoops.

I made 4, so...

2007-09-15 16:37:18 by Eclipsxcom

Okay, I made 4 Yoshi quizzes. I'm thinking about make a 5th, which will be titled THE ULTIMATE YOSHI QUIZ. This may require some work, as I will need lots of help. For more info go to: 7546

Finally back to animating...

2007-08-14 08:07:00 by Eclipsxcom

Okay, after animating whatsoever, I'm finally "back" to animating, and I sure hope it sticks. I have made not one, but TWO new animations in the past two months. I'm hoping for another by the next :D. Here they are:

This wandering person seems to have it out at cats

Thinking About Frogs
Thinking about frogs involves too much thinking.

Thank you...I hope you enjoy them...

I am now updating again

2007-07-28 01:10:04 by Eclipsxcom

Yes, it's true. I'm now animating again and am going to post new animations in due time.